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It matters, and it is what makes you unique.

WE:Shape started by us, sharing our stories with each other, and we realized that through sharing our thoughts, struggles, and concerns, and through listening and trying to understand each other, we become more and more empowered.

We plan for our blog to become a storytelling platform for musicians who are being subject to discrimination, or who experience distress as a result of the malfunctioning music industry and poor working conditions. An open space to express who we are, and how we experience our world.

By building a strong community, we will try to raise awareness towards these conditions, and we will bring exposures for your story, and for you to be heard.

Let us know if you would like to contribute to our blog by sharing your story with us. 

Upon your request, we can share your story anonymously, to protect your identity, if this makes you feel safer to share your thoughts with our community.

STORIES: Welcome
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